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Survivance Through Non-Productive Relationships

Desire is threatened by the felt necessity to view all encounters for their inherent gains, making it difficult to distinguish between deceitful desires and desires that belong to our authentic selves. The lifelessness which exists from these false constructions inhibits any attempts of thriving. We began our journey exploring the objects and artifacts of our own desires and relationships. Questioning the authenticity of the real, hyper-real, and fake. Asking ourselves to unapologetically practice desires with no economic, social, or political capital to be gained. Through the course of the project, we explored these ideas through our own case studies, diorama imagery, interactive games, and the final conceptualization of a performance. 

+  Substance Design Forum 2022 WINNER

+  RDG Prize 2022 Finalist

+  Project Duration: 08. 2021 - 12. 2021

+  Project Collaborators: Jihoon Kim, Luke McDonell, Fengxue Xia

+  Instructor: Mitchell Squire

Anchor 1

Watch our short  documentary filmed in collaboration with Sontudio.

Project Thesis (Slideshow)

Research (Slideshow)

Case Studies (Slideshow)

Board Game (Slideshow)

Dioramas (Slideshow)

Performance (Slideshow)

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